The high level of competence acquired in the industrial plants sector allows Boniforti Impianti to offer various operational solutions, always performing and valid

Boniforti Impianti is a company specialized in electrical systems, air conditioning and heating, water-sanitary and fire prevention systems. It offers high quality and professionally impeccable services.

We project and produce tailor-made solutions for all air-conditioning and heating needs for industrial-type contexts. For each customer we study the ideal solution, the most viable economically and in terms of performance, to heat factories, warehouses, production plants of all types. 

The industrial plant solutions available include the following:

  • air heating
  • condensing boilers
  • air heaters – wall or ceiling luminaires
  • technical gas distribution and transport networks


Air heaters are typically used in buildings where the volume to be air-conditioned consists of large rooms.

The air is sent through a network of delivery channels and then input terminals. In those cases where recirculation is possible, there is also a system of vents and return ducts – with these solutions it is able to convey part of the ambient air back into the air handling unit, so that it can then be recirculated. Our company collaborates with the most important manufacturers of UTA – air treatment units (Samp, Euroclima, CDZ, Climaveneta, Cetra).

We offer you the best economic solution, respecting the desired performance.


We provide differten types of technologies and appliances, for walls or ceilings, for cooling, heating, ventilation of large premises, industrial buildings, sales areas and other contexts and environments.

We also offer recirculating or mixed air appliances, all technological solutions that can be designed and built for heating industrial environments and based on specific requests.

Our specialists can propose you on the most appropriate solution to ensure the best efficiency and the best comfort for heating a shed, for years we have worked with various brands, the best in the sector (Sabiana, Aermec, Robur and others).


Boiler’s choice is  based of technical characteristics of the operating context and the needs of the customer.

Every decisional detail will be carefully evaluated. Boilers’ manteinance and repair by Boniforti Impianti are all characterized by speed of execution and guarantee of resolution. 

The considerable amount of experience and the high level of competence acquired in the various operational situations mean that the company can guarantee advanced solutions from a technological point of view.


Boniforti Impianti deals with the construction of distribution networks and transport of technical gases (methane, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, argon and so on). All the accomplishments are made in full compliance with the regulations in force concerning technical gas distribution plants for industrial use. 

Over time we have dealt with the creation of various types of distribution lines from gas – from methane to nitrogen to hydrogen – using different installation techniques. We take care of everything, pinching in safety, welding, assembly by tightening fittings

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