Boniforti Impianti is at your service, with special systems and security technologies, video door entry, video surveillance, CCTV, alarm systems, intrusion detection systems

There are many types of systems that Boniforti Impianti Srl planning and manufactures to give satisfaction to every professional need. The company specializes in technologies and plant engineering for the industrial, tertiary, large-scale retail, hospital, tourism, leisure and civil sectors.

Here are some of the special systems that can be designed and built:

  • advanced electrical systems
  • state-of-the-art data transmission networks
  • systems, technologies, anti-theft solutions
  • access control and fire detection
  • flame detection systems …

The company is not only prepared for a very wide and varied proposal of interventions, but is also able to significantly reduce its costs. For this reason we can ensure high quality work at very competitive prices.


Video surveillance is today one of the investments deemed essential to give the necessary security to homes, companies, the tertiary sector, for spaces open to the public and for numerous other contexts. 

The video surveillance systems or closed circuit (CCTV) are available in many types, and generally can be accessed by facing low costs.

Boniforti Impianti is at the customer’s service to provide solutions to every request in this sector, to provide intelligent security systems and technologies, video door entry systems, CCTV and access automation and more.


Boniforti Impianti also operates in the sector of anti-theft alarms in the civil and industrial sector, guaranteeing a complete service that ranges from supply to installation of fire alarms, intrusion detection systems, home automation systems, closed circuit cameras, alarm centralization and CCTV systems, providing also an accurate after-sales technical assistance.

The anti-theft systems we offer can be:

  • installable in any civil and industrial environment
  • completely manageable from your phone or other devices
  • easy to use
  • certificates to guarantee the maximum degree of security and without any false alarm

The main systems can be:

  • burglar alarm system via cable.
  • wireless burglar alarm system
  • (wireless): radio wave protected
  • transmission, does not require masonry work and installation is rapid.
  • mixed burglar alarm system: these are partly via cable and partly via radio.

The effectiveness of an intrusion alarm system:

is due to a correct design and installation and to reliable equipment, for this reason the staff of Boniforti

Impianti will be able to develop customized solutions proposing only innovative and cutting-edge alarm technologies.

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