Boniforti Impianti in Bergamo

In addition to the installation, the Boniforti of Bergamo offers air conditioning system design services, based on the requests of each type of customer

In addition to the installation, Boniforti Impianti provides an accurate air conditioning system design service, studying the best technical and executive solutions tailored to the needs, demands and expectations of customers.

 System project to be installed considers the management and economic aspects of the entire air conditioning system. This makes it possible to optimize and reduce over time the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance phases, to minimize energy consumption and plant management costs.

 Particular attention is reserved to maximum comfort of the air conditioning system, to guarantee the Client maximum satisfaction with regards to the silence of the systems, to the perfect air conditioning of the rooms and to the best solutions that contribute to the maximum conditions of environmental well-being.


Air conditioning systems for homes and civilian contexts. Efficiency and comfort.

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Conditioning in the industrial sector, with the most advantageous plant technologies.

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The tertiary sector and the conditioning requirements, the best, specific according to the different contexts.

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