Home automation systems

Boniforti Impianti offers advanced solutions, technological and domotic systems, for burglar alarms, video control, lighting and other functionalities of each environment

Domotics is the answer to the growing demand to have, at the housing level, greater comforts that go hand in hand with more use of new technologies. Boniforti Impianti offers advanced and excellent solutions in technological systems, mechanical, electrical and special systems for civil and industrial environments.
The demand for increasingly advanced functions is therefore satisfied by a digital home automation system, which integrates the various demotic functions and applications available.

Burglar alarm, video control, security, lighting, comfort in energy management.

There are many domotic comforts that can be obtained with a modular system that allows you to choose many options in terms of functionality. The company offers advanced solutions for a varied range of interventions, but it is also able to keep the costs of the proposed solutions and offers low and competitive.

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