Boniforti Impianti operates planning and realizing plants. It also deals with the start-up and start-up phase with expert technicians

Boniforti Impianti, based in Bergamo, can accompany the customer at every stage of the project for the start-up of the plant, for technological, mechanical, electrical and special systems. The company, with its technicians and qualified personnel, performs plant start-up operations in total autonomy, or in collaboration – for specific cases – with selected service centers.

It provides to adjust the system parameters based on the customer’s requests, complying with them and offering the most valid solutions. Availability for expert advice, to guarantee each customer the requested and desired solutions. The company is an important entrepreneurial reality whose strong point is the fact that it operates with a dynamic and agile structure. This guarantees to satisfy every customer requirement.


Boniforti Impianti has the objective of accompanying the Customer for the entire duration and operation of the plants built through an accurate Post-Sales and scheduled maintenance service.

The company is structured to offer the following services:

  • Complete assistance during all phases of first start-up, adjustment and start-up of the new plants built;
  • Delivery to the Customer of the complete technical documentation of the system, composed of technical specifications of the materials and equipment, final As-Built drawings for all the systems, – Declarations of Conformity according to the Law, use and maintenance manual of each equipment installed .

All documentation is delivered in duplicate copy and also in electronic format (on DVD support).

Each customer is sent an economic offer for the scheduled routine maintenance activity to be performed on the plants and equipment.

Each maintenance and control phase indicated reflects the provisions and requests of the manufacturers of each single piece of equipment. The maintenance program will indicate an annual calendar on which all the interventions to be performed for the control and maintenance of the plants, the frequency of intervention and the planned activities will be provided. The purpose of this proposal is to make the customer aware of the extreme importance of planned and methodical maintenance of the systems.

The experience gained over the years teaches that the correct maintenance of the systems guarantees a longer life, a lower energy consumption and the best performance of the installed equipment

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