Boniforti Impianti creates heating systems for the tertiary sector. Fan coils, ducted systems, VRV and VRF variable refrigerant volume


Boniforti Impianti, in its offices in Italy and Prague, realizes heating systems for the tertiary sector. Over time, we have dealt with systems, collaborating with numerous businesses, shops, hotels, banks, restaurants (Wagamama, La Piadineria, Nespresso, BNL, AW Lab).

Thanks to the many achievements we have gained a rich experience in this sector, so much so that our technicians can collaborate with the most established design offices and interior architecture and furnishings.

We can satisfy every customer request in terms of performance, economy and aesthetics.

We deal with:

  • air conditioning systems with fan coils
  • VRV and VRF: variable refrigerant volume
  • ducted systems to heat particular rooms


Air conditioning systems with fan coils can meet the ever-increasing demands of  environmental comfort. 

Furthermore, this type of system is suitable for satisfying the integration requirements between the plant and the building, as requested by designers, architects and building manufacturers.

Allows you to avoid unsightly system solutions. The fan coils available today have very valid characteristics in terms of silence and yield.

They also offer a design that easily harmonizes with external applications in the residential and tertiary context. Among the proposed brands, Aermec, Mitsubishi and Daikin.


To provide adequate heating to particular environments – for example to restaurants, banks, offices .. – often we resort to the distribution of ducted hot air. This type of system respects the aesthetic and performance needs required by these contexts. The ducts of the ducted systems can be made: in pre-insulated panels, with stainless steel, with spiroid galvanized sheet. Taking into consideration the current UNI standards.

This technology allows adequate comfort in the context of the tertiary sector. Boniforti has made several installations of channels in aluminum panel, sheet metal, stainless steel, microperforated duct. Contact us to find out how our company can help you, to get the best climate comfort.


This type of direct expansion system is composed of an external unit equipped with a compressor and an exchange battery. The individual internal units of the VRV-VRF systems are fed through distribution lines made with copper pipes.

These systems are essentially refrigeration systems with cycle inversion, where the indoor units work in heating or cooling depending on the season, ensuring the possibility of controlling the regulation of the internal temperature for each room and the fan speed. Ample flexibility is left in the choice of functionality, especially where maximum architectural integration is required or where particular units are required. 

The indoor units can be equipped with presence sensors or a sensor that monitors the thermal conditions on the floor. Brands used: Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic.

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