Conditioning systems for the tertiary sector

Boniforti Impianti boasts collaborations with any activities in the tertiary sector for the realization of air conditioning systems of many types

Throughout Italy and the Czech Republic, Boniforti Impianti can boast collaboration with shops, hotels, banks, restaurants and other companies in the civil service sector (BNL, Wagamama, La Piadineria, Nespresso, AW LAB). Thanks also to the considerable experience gained over the years, our technical department collaborates with design experts, interior architecture and furnishings to provide air conditioning systems that respect, in addition to performance needs, also the specific requests of the customer in terms of aesthetics. 

Among the solutions available:

  • conditioning: ducted systems
  • fan coil units – fan coil unit
  • direct expansion systems: split
  • VRV-VRF: variable refrigerant volume


Air-conditioning systems that use the ducted system allow to air-condition more rooms with a single system. In addition to this, they also make it possible to govern the individual temperatures and air flows of the various environments.

The ductable air conditioners are usually covered by the false ceiling and by false walls – no element is visible. This is a type of air conditioning that pays a lot of attention to the aesthetic aspect, as well as allowing the possibility of air conditioning more rooms and saving on consumption.

This kind of plant is a valid solution for offices, shops, commercial and industrial areas and other contexts of the tertiary sector.


The air conditioning systems that use fan coil units are getting good success in recent years, especially in applications once used for traditional systems and system terminals.

The ever-increasing need for environmental comfort throughout the year in new-generation hotels has led to their increasing use. The need for harmonious integration between the plant and building is increasingly felt by architects, designers and builders, so much so that there is a tendency to avoid system solutions that require a double system (such as radiators and split-systems) to ensure the comfort in every season. The current fan coils offer the ideal features in terms of quietness, yield and even design, it is a solution that is combined with applications in the tertiary sector.

For Boniforti Impianti fan coils it works with the brands Aermec, Mitsubishi and Daikin.


Company that produce air conditioners for use in the tertiary sector tend to offer heat pump machines, a type of solution that allows them to offer a unique machine capable of cooling and heating environments. 

Typically, the split system has two elements: the outdoor unit, which deals with the expulsion of the hot air taken from the inside to the outside, and the indoor unit for air intake and cooling (or heating). 

Depending on the number of rooms to be air-conditioned and the necessary indoor units, the split direct expansion systems are divided into mono-split and multi-split. 

Boniforti Impianti works for these plants with the brands:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic.


This is a type of direct expansion system, where there is an external unit equipped with a compressor and an heat exchanger. 

By means of distribution lines made with copper pipes, the internal units are supplied which include, in addition to the fan, the exchange battery, the drawer diverter valve and the electronic thermostatic valve. VRV-VRF systems are simple refrigeration systems with cycle inversion: in them the indoor units work in cooling or heating depending on the season, ensuring the possibility of deciding the regulation of the internal temperature for each individual room. 

The internal units that can be used are of different types, allow for great flexibility in the choices, especially where a specific architectural integration is required or where particular units are required. The indoor units can be equipped with presence sensors or sensors that detect the thermal conditions on the floor. Boniforti these plants with the brands Daikin, Mitsubishi and Panasonic.

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