The intervention sectors of Boniforti are civil, residential, industrial, tertiary and hospital sectors. We offer air conditioning and dehumidifier systems

An air conditioning system is a system that regulates the temperature and humidity of the interiors of a specific room. Boniforti Impianti has obtained F-GAS certification for the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems.

The heat pump air conditioners can also heat, filter and dehumidify the air, allowing summer cooling and winter heating.

Boniforti Impianti collaborates with the most valid brands of air conditioners including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Aermec, Panasonic, Ariston.

The company maintains relationships with the assistance centers of all brands to ensure the best customer service.


Boniforti Impianti works with the brands Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic for air conditioning systems, split – direct expansion systems.

The most effective manufacturers of air conditioners for the civil sector aim to build systems exclusively with heat pumps, so as to offer the market only one technology capable of heating and cooling environments.

Generally the split system is composed of 2 elements: an internal unit for air intake and for its cooling (and even heating, if necessary); an external unit for the expulsion of hot air outside.

Based on the number of rooms to be air-conditioned and the necessary indoor units, this type of system is divided into mono-split and multi-split.


Ducted air-conditioning systems make it possible to air-condition various rooms with just one system; they also allow you to manage the individual temperatures and air flows of the different rooms. The air is brought into different environments thanks to a network of channels and diffusers installed at the points identified by the project.

This type of climate control pays great attention to what is the aesthetic aspect, with the use of false ceilings and false walls, as well as being valid and performing as it allows a considerable saving on consumption. It is suggested to choose for this air conditioning solution during a restructuring or construction phase.

The ducted systems can be indicated for homes, offices, medium and large shops, commercial and industrial areas and other contexts.


The air conditioning system without an external unit proposes in a single engine and split machine.

It is also necessary paying a lot of attention in choosing a model that focuses on low noise since the air conditioner without an external unit is generally noisier compared to a traditional system.

This noise is due to the internal presence of the compressor and all the other noisy components that are generally placed outside.

Among the advantages there is to highlight that the installation phase of this system is simpler, it is only necessary to provide for the creation of a communication system with the external environment.


Floor-mounted air conditioners can be of various types. Generally the air conditioners are installed flush with the wall or even embedded in it; emit air conditioning both horizontally and vertically. These conditioning and dehumidification technologies are suitable for rooms with low ceilings – the main drawback is the fact that they require larger slabs.


Radiant panel systems for heating and cooling include a high level of comfort and significant savings in consumption. The system is made with piping, made of material resistant to high temperatures and trampling, positioned under the floor, in the ceiling, in the wall as needed. Finally, the plant is invisible, optimizing spaces and aesthetics.

This system works on the basis of the natural radiation principle and makes the temperature in any pleasant, heated or refreshed interior space. It works at low temperatures and reduces the time needed to get up to speed, thus ensuring considerable energy savings compared to other technologies. Thermal dispersion is much lower due to good optimization of the insulation of the supporting elements.

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