Boniforti Impianti in Bergamo

Boniforti Impianti is a company from Bergamo that for years has been carrying out hydraulic interventions with competence and professionalism


By virtue of the experience acquired over the years and of the considerable expertise formed thanks to numerous operational interventions, Boniforti Impianti offers high quality and professionally unexceptionable services.

In addition to hydraulic plant engineering, the company based in Albano Sant’Alessandro and in Prague also deals with the design, construction and maintenance of fire protection systems, thermal, electrical and renewable energy systems.

Boniforti Impianti operates in the civil, residential, industrial, tertiary and hospital sectors.

Luca Boniforti, owner of the company, wanted to pour in it all his know-how acquired during his work experience. The result is an important entrepreneurial reality whose strong point is a decidedly lean and competent structure ready to satisfy the needs and requests of customers.

Boniforti Impianti is not only a company prepared for a varied range of interventions, but is also able to significantly reduce construction costs, developing high quality works at extremely competitive prices.


Boniforti Impianti has acquired considerable and consolidated know-how in technological systems’ sector serving the industrial and production world.

In particular, since its inception, Boniforti Impianti has been involved by various companies in the realization and / or adaptation of the technological systems of their production departments.

We briefly mention some examples of plants built:


  • heating and air conditioning systems for large production departments;
  • heating systems using radiant ceiling radiant strips;
  • chilled water production plants serving cooling circuits for production departments;
  • water lifting systems for water and / or wells for technological use;
  • distribution and transport networks for industrial gases (methane, hydrogen, nitrogen, helium, argon, etc.);
  • evaporative towers for large air conditioning systems;
  • water treatment plants with industrial service, including reverse osmosis filtration.


Intervention areas for civil, industrial, tertiary and hospital sectors:

  • Plumbing systems
  • Heating systems
  • Hydro-Thermo-Sanitary Systems
  • Construction and / or transformation of thermal power plants
  • Methane gas systems
  • Air conditioning and cooling systems
  • Air treatment plants
  • Technical conditioning plant for data
  • centers
  • Geo thermal plants
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Manual and / or automatic fire prevention systems
  • Industrial technical gas systems
  • Civil and industrial electrical systems
  • Special electrical systems
  • Power and automation electrical panels
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Solar panels
  • Maintenance service for each type of system
Certifications and Categories


Boniforti Impianti, thanks to the possession of the “Qualification Certificate O” can participate in tenders for the award of public works in Italy, according to the D.P.R. 207/2010.

The certification is issued by specific Certification Body Companies (SOA) which guarantee the real existence of the general, economic-financial, technical-organizational requirements necessary for the execution of the LL.PP, as well as provided for in the DPR 207/2010.

This certification defines categories and maximum amount of the call for which a company is authorized to compete.

Below are the respective SOA Italy’s categories of Boniforti Impianti:

  • OG 11 – Category I
  • OS 3 – Category I
  • OS 28 – III Bis Category


In 2015 the company obtained the Quality Certificate in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 following the inspection audit, with annual renewal, carried out by the certifying body Bureau Veritas Institute.

In 2018 the quality certificate was renewed in accordance with 9001: 2015.


In 2015, Boniforti Impianti obtained certification for the installation, maintenance and repair of fixed refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps containing certain fluorinated

greenhouse gases.

The certificate is in conformity with the EC regulation 303/2008 DPR number 43 of 27 January 2012 and with the ACCREDIA RT29 technical regulation.

Certificate issued by the certifying body Bureau Veritas Institute following an annual audit.

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