We are Boniforti Impianti: We build floor, ceiling and radiator heating systems. we install condensing boilers and much more

Boniforti Impianti planning and installs the most effective solutions for civil heating, to heat homes and the homes of its customers.

The company offers tailor-made solutions, able to satisfy every need and request, to meet the
highest requirements in terms of comfort, reliability, safety – the qualities required of modern heating systems for the civil sector.

Among the proposed solutions, here are some of the technologies the company deals with:

  • floor heating systems
  • ceiling heating systems
  • radiator heating
  • condensing boilers …


Radiant panel systems for heating and cooling offer a high level of comfort that is accompanied by a significant saving in terms of energy.

The system is made of pipes, made of material resistant to high temperatures and trampling, laid under the floor, in the wall or in the ceiling, according to specific needs. 

This heating system works on the basis of the natural radiation principle, so as to make the temperature in a pleasant environment, for cooling and heating. Working at low temperatures, the time required to get up to speed is greatly reduced, allowing energy savings.

The same thermal dispersion is lower thanks to an optimal insulation of the elements.


Ceiling heating systems operate with low thermal inertia and ensure excellent efficiency, with relative savings in the bill. The radiant elements, made with pipes in material resistant to high temperatures, are installed inside the walls or under the ceiling. The plant is therefore invisible, and the aesthetics and rationalization of the spaces gains.


Radiator heating is the most idespread system, it is the common radiators or radiators. This kind of radiator system is typically composed of a gas boiler that supplies hot water, for sanitary use and heating. Boniforti’s technicians guide the customer in choosing the most appropriate, also in terms of aesthetic performance, heating solutions.


Boiler is chosen based on the technical characteristics, the context and the customer’s requests. Boiler’s maintenance operations are planned in compliance with the manufacturer’s requests (Riello, Viessmann, Beretta, Immergas)

Ten-year experience and solid expertise gained ensure that the company is able to offer the guarantee of advanced solutions from a technological and performance point of view.

Our experts guide every customer, assisting them in replacing their old boiler with a more modern and efficient condensing boiler. Alternatively, they recommend the best solution to achieve comfort and energy savings.

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