Technological systems

Technological systems

Boniforti Impianti has acquired a regarding and consolidated know-how in the sector of industrial and productive technological systems.

In particular, since its birth, Boniforti Impianti has been involved by different main companies in the realisation and/or updating the technological systems of their productive departments and offices.

Here you can find some of the systems realised:

  • Heating and air conditioning systems for large
    productive departments;
  • Ceiling radiant strips heating systems;
  • Cooled water production systems for the heat
    reduction circuits of productive departments;
  • Technological systems for the water raising from
    aquifer and/or wells;
  • Industrial network of distribution and transport
    of technical gases (methane, hydrogen, nitrogen,
    helium, argon etc.);
  • Evaporation towers for large conditioning systems;
  • Industrial water treatment systems, filtration at
    inverse osmosis included.

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