Post sales assistance

Post sales assistance

Boniforti Impianti S.r.l. has as objective the support of the customer through the whole execution of the systems, by the way of an accurate post-assembly maintenance.


In particular, the firm is structured to offer the following services:

  • Complete assistance during each phase of start up and regulation of the new systems;
  • Delivery to the customer of the complete technical documents of the system. They include: specific techniques of the materials and the devices, final designs As-Built for every system, Legal Declaration of Conformities, handbook for the use and maintenance of every device installed.

All the documents are delivered in two copies, one on paper and one electronic (on DVD).

To each customer an Ordinary Maintenance Programme for the systems and the devices is proposed.

Each phase of maintenance and control respects what forecasted and requested by the producers of every single device. The Maintenance Programme indicates an annual calendar with all the foresees interventions to execute for the systems control and maintenance, as well as the frequency of the interventions and the activities forecasted.

The purpose of this proposal is to sensitise the customer about the extreme importance of a planned and methodical maintenance of the systems.

The experience acquired through the years shows that a correct maintenance of the systems guarantees a longer duration, a lower energy consumption and a better performance of the devices installed.