Fire systems

Fire systems

Boniforti Impianti is able to design and realise every kind of manual and/or automatic fire system.

In particular:

  • Manual fire systems with hydrants and fire boxes;
  • Automatic fire systems with Sprinklers heads;
  • Pressurization groups for fire systems,
    with electrical and motor pumps;
  • Underground and/or air networks for the realisation
    of fire systems, through polyethylene tubes
    PE100 PN16 and steel tubes;
  • Gas and/or foam fire systems with tank farms.

The designers collaborating with Boniforti Impianti provide the customer with a complete service of calculation, dimensioning and definition of the fire system. They also provides the practices and documents for the necessary request of authorization by the competent office of the fire brigades.

The support during all the fire systems planning is complete, which guarantees to the customer and the professionals working for them all the technical and administrative assistance to obtain the permissions and authorisations as soon as possible.